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DataMgr Issue: Common ID Solution for relations

Name: Common ID Solution for relations
ID: 2
Project: DataMgr
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: John Farrar
Created: 04/25/07 1:24 PM
Updated: 07/10/07 11:03 AM
Description: If the ID's are the same, you can create the relation by appending the table name to the front of the ID.

Table: user
ID: id

- Relation -

Table: group
ID: id

- New Relation Table -

id (primary key)
user_id (foreign key for user table)
group_id (foreign key for group table)

RESULT: You have created a many to many relationship with common ID field names. There is not conflict in the relational table. (And it also has another ID field of the same name. :) This doesn't conflict with either table in this senario.
History: Created by johnfarrar (John Farrar) : 04/25/07 1:24 PM

Comment by johnfarrar (John Farrar) : 04/25/07 1:35 PM
I would like to use this on some existing data, but this function would be key to achieving it.

Comment by sebtools (Steve Bryant) : 04/25/07 4:20 PM
Just to note that this issue will be solved (although in a slightly different manner) in the upcoming 2.1 release.

Updated by sebtools (Steve Bryant) : 07/10/07 11:03 AM
This is resolved in 2.1 (and covered in the new documentation).

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