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DataMgr Issue: Sort subGroup Enhancement

Name: Sort subGroup Enhancement
ID: 3
Project: DataMgr
Type: Enhancement
Area: Database
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: John Farrar
Created: 05/10/07 11:27 PM
Updated: 07/10/07 11:04 AM
Description: It would be great if we could pass in an ID and ID Field to narrow down the sort management in DataMgr. This would mean a table could contain many groups of items that could be sorted by the identified groups.
History: Created by johnfarrar (John Farrar) : 05/10/07 11:27 PM

Comment by sebtools (Steve Bryant) : 05/11/07 9:08 AM
Sorry if I am being dim, but I am not sure what you mean by this. Could you expand on your thoughts a bit and perhaps provide an example?

Comment by johnfarrar (John Farrar) : 06/14/07 8:37 AM
I believe you have this working in the Beta for 2.1 and will give you information on if it is or not. (Basically we have some data tables that are set up using the convention schema concept. These tables all have an ID primary key field and it seems you have resolved the issue with using DataMgr for many to many relations in this situation with version 2.1.)

Updated by sebtools (Steve Bryant) : 07/10/07 11:04 AM
I believe that this is fixed in 2.1.

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